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2020 Moss Hill Farm CSA Application - Half Share

Application for Half Share


We are sold out for 2020

 (Half shares pick up every 2 weeks)

Please fill out and mail with payment for your reservation to:

Floyd Keisler

Moss Hill Farm

13230 Freemanville Rd

Milton, Ga 30004




   Email addresses (for newsletters and communication):



 Choose a Seasonal Share Option, every 2 week pick up (check box to right) you will have either an odd week (1,3,5,7,9)or even week (2,4,6,8,10) which is listed in the weekly update for pickup:

1. Spring Share -- 5 Weeks from April 14th to June 20th for                  $240   .....   []

2. Summer share -- 5 weeks from June 23rd to Aug.  29th for                 $240  .....     []

3. Fall Share ------ 5 weeks from Sept. 1st to Nov. 7th                          $240 .....    []

       Discount of 5% for committing for 2+ seasons


 We accept cash, Paypal (email is, and checks made to ‘Floyd Keisler’.

 Check #__________ Enclosed amount $___________


 Pickup at the farm on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday after 1:00 every 2 weeks from the tables. We will be sending an email each week on Sunday evenings. If you have a conflict for that week let us know by Monday evening or we will harvest on your chosen day for you to pick up that day.


Choice of which day:        _________________________________


 Please initial that you understand and will comply with the information on our website, our CSA policies/manual, and sign the Release and Waiver of Liabilities and Claims. They are located at the link below.  ___________



E-newsletter will be sent out each week on Sunday evening with information about the farm, recipes, and what is available in the shares. (We use e-mail for farm communications only. We do not share your e-mail address with others.)