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Our Variety

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Mixed Sunflowers

We grow a wide variety of sunflowers, in colors ranging from delicate butter yellow to rich velvety black.  Favorite cultivars include Soraya, Ring of Fire, and Infrared.

Mixed Sunflowers

We grow a wide variety of sunflowers in a range of colors, from delicate butter yellow to rich velvety black.  Favorite cultivars include Soraya, Ring of Fire, and Infrared.


We have a sweet basil that is perfect for pesto, sauces, or just about anything.  Our large leaves keep well in the refrigerator or in a small vase with water on the counter.


This is also known as butter crunch lettuce.  With soft, sweet leaves this makes the perfect salad.


Lolla Rossa

This red curly leaf variety has excellent flavor and makes a stunning display either by itself or as part of a salad.



A curly oak leaf variety, our multi has a mild flavor and is great for salads.


Multi Red #4

An intense red leaf lettuce with mild taste.



Our romaine is a crunchy mild leaf lettuce that is perfect for sandwiches, burgers or Caesar salads.

rainbow beets

We grow primarily traditional red beets but enjoy making colorful bunches of rainbow beets for market.  Favorite cultivars include Red Ace, Chioggia, and Touchstone Gold.

Imperial Black Beauty
This eggplant is the heirloom cousin to the type we most often see in the grocery store. These are often good for grilling because they hold their shape as they cook better than other varieties.
Purple Long
This purple Italian variety is also referred to as a Japanese eggplant. It has similar culinary properties to the Snowy White eggplant.
Rosa Bianca
This purple tinted Italian eggplant has a delicate and creamy flavor and is considered highly in the world of gourmet cooking. Try this eggplant with an experimental stuffing!
Rosa Bianca

Our favorite eggplant.  A pretty Italian heirloom, white with lavender streaks

Snowy White
This creamy textured eggplant is native to India. Like most of the long types, it has less of a tendency to bitterness so you should not have to worry about peeling and salting this eggplant.
Green Beans

A tasty snap bean, green with purple streaks.  The vines are vigorous climbers.

Kale, Chard and Choi

Rouge D'Hiver Romaine
An open-pollinated, heirloom variety, Rouge D’Hiver originated in France in l885. This red romaine is unabashedly gorgeous, reliably hardy and perfect for baby greens. Rouge D’Hiver produces large, robust heads of reddish-bronze, green-veined leaves which tolerate both heat and cold well. Even after being dressed, its showy red leaves stay crisp and their heft makes them ideal with weightier salad ingredients. Serve shiny leaves of Rouge D’Hiver on a platter, arranging cooked, chilled beet slices, fennel slivers and toasted walnuts. Dress with a simple walnut oil vinaigrette and snips of chives. Simple, elegant and healthy!
Leeks and Onions

Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Bell Peppers

Our peppers are on the smaller side due to lower pollination, however this also leads most of them to be seedless.  These sweet peppers come in green, red, or yellow – and sometimes an artistic mixture of all three colors.


Pepper: Hot
Aji Amarillo
The size and coloration of this pepper suggests its high heat content. Many people note a smoky flavor when they use this variety. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 30,000-50,000. mmm.
This pepper is also referred to as the New Mexico pepper and is the type of pepper used for charred, roasted chiles. It is mildly hot and is fun to use for stuffed peppers, because some can be quite hot while others are mild - it makes for an interesting dinner to see who will get the spicy one! Drying? no. Scoville Rating: 500-2,500.
This mildly spicy pepper is called 'Poblano' when fresh and 'Ancho' when dried. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 2,500-3,000.
The cayenne pepper is the hottest one we grow - so for those in need of heat, steer towards these long, red peppers. They are also reported to have many medicinal benefits from increasing circulation to reducing stomach aches, cramping pains, and gas. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 40,000-90,000.
This popular pepper is named after the city of Xalapa, Veracruz where it is traditionally produced. Jalapeños are known by different names in Mexico, such as cuaresmenos, huachinangos and chiles gordos. A chipotle is a jalapeño that has been smoked. Drying? no. Scoville Rating: 2,500-10,000.
The serrano is said to be five times hotter than the jalapeño and never needs to be peeled before using in a dish. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 10,000-23,000.
Root Vegetables

              Carrots, Beets, Radish and Potatoes


French Breakfast
A root vegetable related to the turnip and horseradish family, with a crisp texture and a mild to delicately sweet flavor. The French Breakfast radish has an elongated shape that can grow to approximately three inches in length, displaying a bright red outer skin, which turns white at the root base. There are two main categories of radishes, either the spring or winter radishes, based on the time when they are harvested. Spring radishes are harvested early in their growing season resulting in a smaller radish. The winter radishes are harvested later in their growth and result in a larger round or more elongated shaped vegetable. This radish is considered to be a spring radish, but may be available throughout the year. It is a radish that is generally served raw to be used as hors d'oeuvres or a complement to salads. When selecting, choose radishes that are firm, crisp, and without blemishes. Radishes grown and harvested when temperatures remain hot develop an increased bitterness. Store without the leafy tops and place in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic to keep fresh for several days. It is also known as a Flambo radish.
Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard

A reliable mild green.  We grow bright lights, which has fun colorful stems.  Try it sauteed with butter and garlic.


Our favorite Asian green.  Can be harvested small for salad mix or as a large rosette.  Beautiful, nutritious, tasty.


Small and sweet, our cherry tomatoes are perfect for salads – or for just eating out of a basket.

Colorful Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato, Cherry
mixed cherry tomatoes

Perhaps our most popular product, the perfect summer snack.  Sungold, SS 100, Brown Berry, and White Cherry provide a sweet mix of colors and flavors