About Us

Foremost Healthy Organic Local Vegetables in Alpharetta

Are you looking for the freshest organic vegetables, direct from the farm? If the answer is yes, you’re looking for Moss Hill Farm. Here in Milton, our mission is to provide the most healthy organic, biodynamic, naturally grown vegetables possible for local families using the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ...

Or Growing Method

Moss Hill Farm uses premium organic methods following Bio-Dynamic practices with a major emphasis on creating good, healthy soil. We apply the biodynamic processes to our 1+-acre, intensively-grown market garden. It is in constant production with vegetables, herbs, and cover crops grown for our CSA members. We do ...

A Sustainable Way of Growing Vegetables

We treat our land healthy, we are chemical, and pesticide-free, pursuing the highest level of sustainable soil. As a living system, we feed our soil with herbal homeopathic preparations, green manure, cover crops, organic supplements, organic fertilizers, amendments, and compost made from local, safe natural ...



Thanks for the tour. What a beautiful place and wonderful asset to the community. 
Jan 29, 2024
Isabelle Herring
Most down to earth and friendly people in the world. Their methods are incredibly healthy and sustainable and their produce is high quality. 
Sep 2, 2023
Cooper MacArthur