Biodynamic Farming Thoughts

My journey biodynamically began 11 years ago reading Rudolph Steiner's works about farming after WW1 in Germany. Already farmers were finding out that the land, food and practices were destroying healthy food. He developed homeopathic preparations to re-balance the soil using animal organs and herbs.

I struggled with acceptance in the beginning of my seeking to understand how such small changes could effect such large areas. My large area is only one acre, but there are some farms with 100's of acres that use these same principles.

There were 2 other people who gave me a more practical application of the biodynamic principles. One was Jeff Poppins who wrote 2 books, "The Barefoot Farmer, Book 1" and "The Barefoot Farmer, Book 2". The other was Maria Thun who developed the "Biodynamic Calendar".  

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