Young people are eating more and more organic fruits and vegetables

Posted on Dec 15, 2022

Organic and regional products were particularly popular with consumers during the pandemic. The organic specialist trade was certainly able to profit from this upswing. However, the huge rise in procurement costs and the associated price increases coupled with the discontinuation of the 'corona bonus' are having a noticeable effect on the organic scene, according to Klaus Schilling Ltd at the wholesale market in Hannover.

Together with his daughters and son-in-law, Reinsch founded Organic Wholesale Hannover two years ago, a one-stop shop for organic fruits and vegetables in the broadest sense. The young company is based at the stand next to his parents' business Klaus Schilling Ltd at the local wholesale market. "The first two years of business have been particularly good due to the increased demand for organic food. In the meantime, sales have leveled off again somewhat, but demand is still nice," Reinsch says.

Pome fruit replaces berries

"Young people are eating more and more organic fruits and vegetables, which suits us fine. We are seeing this pleasing trend across the entire product range. In summer, regional sweet fruits such as berries are particularly popular. Local pears as well as apples, mainly from the Alte Land, as well as plums, are now coming to the fore in the fall," says Reinsch, who currently sources most of his pears from Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

The reinsch-Schreiber family of traders is also facing current cost and price increases, Reinsch continues. "The continuing rise in transport costs is increasingly causing us problems. Overall, procurement costs have risen by 20 percent." The subsequent price increases are in turn impacting consumer purchasing behavior. "This year, luxury items such as asparagus and blueberries, for example, were less in demand than strawberries. The rising inflation is also reflected in the organic scene, although the situation is not too worrisome as of yet."

Unlike many other wholesalers in the fruit and vegetable sector, the succession of the family business is already assured. But in the coming years, Reinsch will continue to take care of the distribution of conventional goods, while the younger generation will be responsible for organic wholesaling. "In this respect, we are of course in a fortunate position, because with the succession solution, we are ideally equipped for the future. Accordingly, we are looking ahead confidently."

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