Full or Half Shares for 3 Seasons for 2024

CSA Half Share for Fall season, every 2 weeks, 5 pickups.

Every two weeks, for 5 pickups, you can pick up from Moss Hill Farm on the preferred day you selected (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday). Pick up time begins at 1:00 pm. We suggest you pick up prior to 3:00 pm as during the warmer months produce can wilt. There will be a table set up with white plastic baskets filled with the harvested vegetables. Each basket will have a first name on it. Baskets are positioned in alphabetical order. Select basket with your name on it. You 'must' bring your own container, large bag, boxes, etc. to transfer your vegetables to transport home. Please do not take the white basket.

We will send an email every Sunday evening notifying you of the upcoming harvest week. If you have a pickup conflict that week, please notify us by text or email the day before your pickup.

If you fail to pick up your share, your share will be composted the following day. There is no refund for shares not picked up.

Please initial that you understand and will comply with the information on our website, our CSA policies/manual, and sign the Release and Waiver of Liabilities and Claims which are located at the "Forms to Sign Up for Shares". 


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