Farm Visits

You are welcome to visit the farm on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays with an appointment. Please let us know before you stop by so we can expect you and show you around. 

We also invite you to help out on the farm during our regular volunteer hours. To volunteer you will also need to sign a 'Release and Waiver' agreement. We do all sorts of tasks in the fields to learn how we grow and take care of your food. This requires you to be in good physical condition. We always have fun, please join us! 

  • When walking through the fields, be sure to walk in between the beds of the plants, in the rows. We take care not to compact the soil of the vegetable beds. Most of the walk paths are only 12 inches wide.
  • We love furry friends but due to the space of the field, dogs and cats are not allowed except for service animals. 
  • Georgia is a beautiful state but if you have been a resident for a few years you are no stranger to poison oak and ivey, wasps, bees and the almighty fire ants. Ants, bees, spiders, and wasps are all farm friends and we work around them, they are very protective of their homes if disturbed. Please be aware of these critters and steer your children away from the anthills. The ants will and do sting.

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